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STYLISH INDUSTRIAL PENDANT LIGHTS Hanging pendant lights can be very stylish and fashionable and they’re not just for the dining room or kitchen. An attractively designed pendant light can look perfect in any room. The cord hanging light fixtures are mainly exciting. Pendant lights have simple designs and this styles them for minimalistic interiors. Their minimalism...
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This Renovation Blog Will Make You Laugh

This Renovation Blog Will Make You Laugh A joke to lighten up your day! I asked myself: 'How do I handle life?' 我問自己:「怎樣面對我的生命?」 I was surprised when my room gave me the answers! 我的房間竟然給了所有的答案。 Ceiling said: Aim high. 天花板說:「要目標夠高。」 Atelier Place
(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Atelier Concept)
Fan said:...
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Design 101: Different Types of Lighting

Design 101: Different Types of Lighting Everything old is new again!—with all the talk about LEDs and CFLs, it may seem odd to unexpectedly be chatting about good old-fashioned lightsings. But old-fashioned Edison bulbs have been popping up everywhere of late from private homes restaurants, and for a good purpose: their warped threads have a visual charm...
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